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Formed in 2010 by Roz Simpson and based at Windermere Manor in Windermere, it is a great place to take your little ones swimming.

The play based teaching will build your baby's/child's confidence and as parents, grandparents or guardians; you will be given the confidence to safely manage your child in the water. In the classes you will pass on the learnt skills to your babies who in turn will gain great confidence and ability in the water in their safe knowledge that it is the person they trust the most delivering the information.

Based strongly on the ethos of the Swimming Teachers Association of teaching swimming as a life saving skill.

Roz has taught swimming for many years and has a broad based knowledge that helps everyone gain confidence and ability which then allows for a huge amount of FUN!!

Please contact Roz directly for enquiries

Windermere Waterbabes - Swimming Lessons with Roz Simpson


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